Sunday, December 14, 2008

Lovin' the Outdoors in December!


I am craving a nap right now but just wanted to send out a quick note of thanks to my friends who I got out with this weekend.


Lisa - thanks for getting out on the bike path with me on Friday. And helping me recover...lesson learned, I can't cheat hydration. Water - and Nuun - will be with me on all my runs this winter.


Dusty- thanks for leading the way through the southern exposure and timing us for a mile, too. Hope the rest of your work-out went well on Saturday. You are going to do amazingly well at Rocky!

Laurie - Once again, you have shown me something new in Jackson. I love Game Creek and can't believe it is your backyard. So gorgeous! Can't wait to hear more about your prep for February. And how about this picture from Desert RATS...I like the way you are laughing as I look like I might cry! :-)


Rumble Girl said...

okay i've been underdressed. is that a dog with you and Lisa? Your streak is impressive. Rumble sista!

Lisa Smith-Batchen said... want to know why I look frozen to death and you have NO hat on?
I also want to comment on the nice stretching I see you doing with Laurie:)
You go girl..may the streak continue.

Laurie said...

Hey Streaker! Time flies when you are enjoying the company of a good friend. Sunday was just the first of many winter-wonderland adventures.