Saturday, January 17, 2009

Training Streak Has Come to an End...I'm Down, Not Out!

Today, I failed to get a mile in. I wish I could tell you that my failure was for some incredibly noble reason, but it was actually motivated by more vanity than I'd care to admit.

My sister-in-law has beautiful blonde hair. And she brought me to her salon on Long Island yesterday. I think I was her little make-over project! So I had my hair cut, colored, conditioned with two special treatments, and blown out. I am so grateful for this day of beauty!

I can NEVER get my hair to look the way a stylist does with a salon blow out. And tonight we had a surprise party for Donna and I was just too excited to attend the party with my new hair than to mess it up with sweat and all the glamorous side effects of running. So I said I would run after the party. And I am just getting home from the party now (2:20am).

But count me down, not out. I have really LOVED doing the streak. And I will start over tomorrow, a little wiser from my first try. Here are just a few of the reasons that I am ready to get right back on the horse:
  • I love routine. Many people who know me well would balk at this assertion and I'll admit it is not universally true about my life choices, but I am finding out that I like routine a lot.
  • I like the feeling of braving rough conditions to get in my run. Like the time I ran around downtown Driggs as the snow fell at 10:30pm. I imagined I was in a sandstorm...great MDS training.
  • I like knowing that I have done even just a little bit each day to get ready for MDS.
  • I am fundraising for children and women in need. Click here to learn more:

I have to re-start the count on my streak. Any new takers? I hope so!

Me, my brothers, my Mom and my baby niece at her baptism. This was before my day of beauty...see how frizzy my hair is! :-)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Suggest a Song for my MDS Playlist

Thanks to Jay Batchen for my new tunes!

And I am hoping to collect more. Could you leave a song suggestion for me by posting a comment to this entry? A song you think I might like to hear while moving along in the blisteirng heat of the Sahara.

It will be great to think of you when I hear "our song'!

Thanks so much!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

28 Days Into the Streak...

Happy to report that my streak of running at least one mile a day is going strong. There have been spectacular days of training and some that are much less notable (yikes, like the 15 minute run in place I did one night at 11:20pm when I was so tired and just couldn't bear the cold...lame I know!).

I'd write more but I am so sleepy...

Word is that Mike Evan is going 28 days strong, too.

Anyone else streaking?

Happpy 2009!