Sunday, January 4, 2009

28 Days Into the Streak...

Happy to report that my streak of running at least one mile a day is going strong. There have been spectacular days of training and some that are much less notable (yikes, like the 15 minute run in place I did one night at 11:20pm when I was so tired and just couldn't bear the cold...lame I know!).

I'd write more but I am so sleepy...

Word is that Mike Evan is going 28 days strong, too.

Anyone else streaking?

Happpy 2009!


AnthonyP said...

15 minutes in place at 11:20 p.m. ? Crazy ! :)

I was at Tom T's house this weekend with Doug - we missed you !

Lisa Smith-Batchen said...

you go proud of you.

Anonymous said...

whats up woods?
going strong...maybe.29 days baby!!!
i'm sure you feel the same when i say some days are easier to get out than others.but when you get done , it feels perty damn good!
i'm usually out for atleast 45 min. to an hour every day, and then longer on the weekends.i haven't had a race to get ready for until recently, so that all might change, maybe not.i'm just concerned as to how my body will do come race day(feb.14).i'll have to get in touch with other streakers and get their input.
good luck and great job thus far!!
mike e.