Saturday, January 17, 2009

Training Streak Has Come to an End...I'm Down, Not Out!

Today, I failed to get a mile in. I wish I could tell you that my failure was for some incredibly noble reason, but it was actually motivated by more vanity than I'd care to admit.

My sister-in-law has beautiful blonde hair. And she brought me to her salon on Long Island yesterday. I think I was her little make-over project! So I had my hair cut, colored, conditioned with two special treatments, and blown out. I am so grateful for this day of beauty!

I can NEVER get my hair to look the way a stylist does with a salon blow out. And tonight we had a surprise party for Donna and I was just too excited to attend the party with my new hair than to mess it up with sweat and all the glamorous side effects of running. So I said I would run after the party. And I am just getting home from the party now (2:20am).

But count me down, not out. I have really LOVED doing the streak. And I will start over tomorrow, a little wiser from my first try. Here are just a few of the reasons that I am ready to get right back on the horse:
  • I love routine. Many people who know me well would balk at this assertion and I'll admit it is not universally true about my life choices, but I am finding out that I like routine a lot.
  • I like the feeling of braving rough conditions to get in my run. Like the time I ran around downtown Driggs as the snow fell at 10:30pm. I imagined I was in a sandstorm...great MDS training.
  • I like knowing that I have done even just a little bit each day to get ready for MDS.
  • I am fundraising for children and women in need. Click here to learn more:

I have to re-start the count on my streak. Any new takers? I hope so!

Me, my brothers, my Mom and my baby niece at her baptism. This was before my day of beauty...see how frizzy my hair is! :-)


Lisa Smith-Batchen said...

and what is wrong with running at 2:20 am???

just and the family look beautiful..can't wait to see your new hair:)
welcome home

Anonymous said...

I love this story and think sometimes you have to sacrifice a workout for the sake of beauty. Where are the pix from Donna's fete?

Anonymous said...

vanity smanity.i'm sure glad i'm not a chick.
welcome home colleen!!
mike e.

Tess said...

Sometimes a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!!
Looking forward to photos of the new "do".

Rumble Girl said...

so has the blog come to an end as well? I'm afraid you are guilty of blogslacking.... Inquiring minds want to know...